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New Jeans

13 Sep

Something I avoid all together is clothing shopping. It is SO frustrating to try on that gorgeous top, or those nice jeans or that pretty dress and then find out it doesn’t fit or it isn’t flattering. So a majority of the time I just don’t clothing shop unless I have to.

Well, the other day I decided to try on some jeans. I figured I was due a new pair and why not, right? They’re still a bit tight but I feel GOOD in them. Ready to see?


Also? These jeans make my butt look good too! Who knew, haha!


All Alone Stay At Home Mom

8 Sep

That’s exactly how I feel. I have been a stay at home mom for almost 5 years now only separating from my son less than a handful of times. I love our time together and now that he started Kindergarten yesterday, I feel incomplete.

I know that I need to take this time and focus on myself. I’ve always complained that I never have time to do stuff for me…and now I finally can. It is just going to take a VERY long time to get used to this. I’m a stay at home mom, with one child in Kindergarten. I can’t have a healthy pregnancy before I lose weight. I guess I feel like I lost my identity a bit.

I’ve been really emotional about all of this and usually that means overeating and comfort eating. But this week I have done well and when I have indulged, I found a healthy or healthier way to do it AND still came in under my calorie count for the day. So that’s a huge achievement for me.

I’ve decided in a day or two I will try a trial from my local gym and see how I like it. I used to love going to the gym so hopefully this gym is good!


Challenges and Food

5 Sep

See that picture? That was dinner tonight. I NEVER would have thought about eating anything that looked like that before. But you know what? It was delicious! For reference, that is lentils, brown rice, lean ground turkey, tomatoes and romaine for the most part.

I am actually really enjoying trying new, healthy recipes that are really just as if not more delicious than the garbage I used to fill my body with. Love it!

I’ve decided to challenge myself as well. I saw on My Fitness Pal that a lot of people do challenges and I figured that it would be a great way to challenge myself and give me a push. Right now I am participating in two challenges: 5,000 calories burnt a week and cycling 150 miles during the month of September. I will keep progress posted on my My Fitness Pal and on the sidebar here.

I dare you!

4 Sep

I was making dinner when I realized that most nights we eat the same things. That really upsets me because I’d like to try new foods that are good for you. However, if I’ve never used it before, I won’t know how it tastes or how to prepare it. So I thought a game could be fun…

Comment here daring me to try a recipe of yours. Has to be healthy, otherwise no limits. (I am allergic to fish though! So no fish, please.) Then feel free to post this in your journal so you can find some new recipes as well!

I dare you!


31 Aug

Every girl loves to shop. There is nothing like going out and buying a new pair of jeans or a dress. When you have clothing you like and feel confident in, your whole demeanor changes and you feel great.

Well, back when I lost 50+ pounds, I had those clothes. Those clothes I felt great in. Now that I’ve gained a little over half of that back, my clothes are feeling very tight on me. I have a few bags of all my bigger clothes that I keep forgetting to donate. I see them in the corner of my room saying “You’re just gonna have to wear us now!” But I refuse. I would rather wear my tight clothes than go back up into those bigger sizes.

Since tomorrow is the 1st of September, I am giving myself a month goal. By the end of September I want to wear these clothes and be COMFORTABLE in them or be in a smaller size.

Do you have a goal you are trying for?